josef smith dark journey

A Dark Journey Into The Light by Josef Smith

This book was a lifetime in the making. Two years in the writing. It’s an exploration of life, and urges and desires familiar to us all. One of the biggest issues everyone has to deal with is sex and people usually make a choice. They either follow their desires, or they don’t. This book looks at the issues that arose, and the conflict of emotions I had to deal with when I chose both, although it more correctly felt like they both chose me. Life became an exercise in understanding who I am by exploring what “lies beneath.” There was no way around the exploration because the battle for supremacy raging between the two was inside me. What lies beneath reared it’s head and found it’s way to the surface. What was the war all about and what would become of me? I am so much more than what I feel, and much, much less than what I think. This book explores what is possible when we find balance between the two.